Your and our safety is paramount!

Our expertise makes us a naturally great partner in taking action towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 and any other infectious diseases. LCS Pros specializes in medical, public space and foodservice sanitization. We have the best equipment, GBAC training and a very effective chemical arsenal to draw from.

COVID 19 Update:

Our commitment to our clients and their safety goes beyond proper hand washing and being vaccinated:

  • Members who feel under the weather stay home.
  • Our Staff adheres to a social 2-meter distancing guideline when not masked.
  • If you can be not in the same room when we clean to respect our staff’s 2-meter privacy bubble, we’d appreciate it.
  • Staff sanitizes hands before entering your home.
  • Your cleaner will naturally wear new gloves in each environment.
  • Staff will happily ask if you would like them to wear masks.
  • We sanitize our Equipment and tools between home visits.
  • The teams only use fresh, sanitized cloths and pads in your spaces.
  • We continue to monitor the situation through Alberta Health Services, the CDC, and our ISSA and ARCSI partners.
  • All of us follow the current and up to date Public Health Guidelines.

It is our collective responsibility to keep our work environment safe and healthy for ourselves and others around us.

We are confident that we have the right measures in place to keep our staff and your home safe. We have strict guidelines for our staff and if you feel any symptoms of fever, flu or cough, please call us to reschedule at anytime.

Our community must come together, take precautions and do everything we can to put an end to the spread of COVID-19. We look forward to serving you and bring peace of mind during this challenging time.

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