Food Manufacturing Cleaning


Food is essential to our existence.
A clean environment is essential to your business.

LCS Pros are the go-to team for expert food service cleaning and disinfection in the Calgary area. Our team meets and regularly exceeds the cleaning standards outlined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – because your health and safety are our top priority.

Our Approach

Cleaning in a food processing space is a serious business; health, quality, and product integrity depend on it. Because food service cleaning standards are so high, keeping these facilities clean can also be a complicated and demanding process. 

In many cases, the most effective way to ensure you are consistently compliant is to hire a dedicated, well-trained team of commercial cleaners. Our knowledgeable crew of technicians delivers a complete clean that keeps food staff and customers safe, improves plant efficiency, and increases worker satisfaction.

Our Expertise

LCS Pros commercial cleaning technicians continually stay in-the-know when it comes to the proper use of cleaning agents and which options are the most environmentally-friendly and effective for different spaces. Specializing in food service needs, our crew is trained to clean based on tried-and-true processes covering everything from the preliminary cleaning to validating that the job was completed to CFIA standard.

Preliminary Cleaning

Correct protocol for food processing cleaning requires removing both visible and invisible soils from the food plant and equipment. Since food soils can vary wildly in composition, no single detergent can tackle them all.

For example, fat-based soils are often easily removed with hot water and alkaline detergents. By contrast, protein-based soils are more complicated and require a highly alkaline detergent with peptizing or dissolving properties.

Along with knowing the chemistry of the soil and the detergent, proper protocol requires knowing the characteristics of the surface you’re cleaning. Our team understands the different cleaning needs for all the various surface types found in food plants and manufacturing facilities, including stainless steel, titanium, nonmetals, and soft metals prone to bacteria-breeding wear-and-tear.


Next, we provide a more intense cleaning to reduce microorganisms to levels considered safe by public health standards. The final daily cleaning step typically includes disinfecting walls, floors, equipment surfaces, and high touchpoints.


Finally, our crew validates the work completed. When food safety is concerned, proof beyond what is visible to the human eye is crucial. We use a few technologies to ensure that public health standards are being met, including (but not limited to) dyes and optic beams. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) detectors are also a very effective and popular way to validate a clean. Detection devices pick up ATP, a compound present in plants, animals, bacteria, yeast, and mold, and report levels back in real-time so you can determine if your surfaces are immaculate with precise accuracy.

We don’t just say we cleaned it – we prove it!

Ensure compliance at all times with expert commercial cleaning services. Contact us today for your custom cleaning plan.

Industries We Serve

Maid Service

Office Building

Create an inviting office space that promotes health and safety to host your clients, collaborate with your team, and conduct your business. From the front door to the board room, let us make your space shine.

Dryer Cleaning


A complete clean is our responsibility. Our team of highly trained commercial cleaning technicians ensures your health and safety comes first with knowledgeable disinfecting practices and products.

Tile/Hard Surface

Food Manufacturing

Health standards are high for food processors. Ensure a complete clean that keeps food staff and customers safe, improves plant efficiency, and maintains compliance with public health regulations.


Industrial Spaces

From warehouses to storage spaces, our industrial cleaning services are designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your facility while maintaining compliance with public health regulations.

Maid Service

Multi-Family Units

From common areas and hallways to garages and external spaces, we can ensure your multi-family building stays inviting, clean and available for its residents, no matter the size.

Dryer Cleaning


Restaurant cleaning requires close attention to detail and a wide variety of cleaning techniques. We offer both physical disnifection services and staff training to help you achieve a spotless result.

Tile/Hard Surface


The renovations are complete, but one task remains: post-construction clean-up. Sit back, and let us take care of the site clean-up – all you need to worry about is enjoying your new space.


Other Industries

With over 15 years of cleaning experience, we can service a variety of industries, including education centres, places of worship, retail, fitness and recreation facilities, and many more.