LCS Cleaning & Sanitation: The Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Calgary

Maintain A Fresh, Professional Image With Expertly Cleaned Carpets starting from $0.10 per square foot.

The first thing customers notice when they walk into a place of business is the level of cleanliness. Dirty, dingy carpets, bad odor, and stains can completely turn an interested customer away to your competition. Especially if your business sells a product or service that requires "attention to detail" itself. By maintaining a clean and fresh space for your customers and clients, you can be sure that they will appreciate and respect you and your business.

Keep Your Carpets Looking Attractive For Longer

Stains aren't pretty! Your facility's carpets deserve the care and attention they need and LCS Cleaning & Sanitation are happy to maintain them to the highest standard of quality that is possible. With deep-clean steam cleaning, spot stain removal and regular maintenance your carpets will look great and last longer.

Proven, Effective Carpet Cleaning Processes For A Clean That Lasts

We start with a thorough vacuum using a HEPA Backpack high-efficiency vacuum with brush-agitation. This removes up to 99% of particles. We then use carefully selected and formulated solutions depending on the type of carpet fibres being cleaned to suspend soil and break down binders that are holding the soil in the carpet. The next step is to agitate the tough spots such as stains and high traffic areas, which is followed by a thorough and in-depth cleaning and rinsing. This involves scrubbing the entire area and completely removing any excess water and cleaning agents. The last step is to allow for proper drying through the use of high-powered dryers to eliminate the chance of bacteria growth.

Improve Indoor Air Quality And Create A Healthy Workspace

A carpeted environment in commercial facilities can greatly improve indoor air quality by filtering airborne dust and allergen particles. Without regular carpet cleaning, the particles that are trapped in the carpet fibres are released into the air with simple foot traffic. Carpet is much like the lungs of your building, trapping more soil than you may think.

We offer free estimates with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect when we start cleaning

We provide each of our clients with a detailed list of expected costs before we start any work, so you can be in full control of the process. Our estimate procedure involves a pre-inspection where we determine what type of materials are to be cleaned as well as the condition of the carpet through the use of UV inspection lighting and pre-testing. We also take note of any special conditions, such as needed repairs or re-stretching, filtration soiling, urine contamination and difficult stains such as rust, paint or nail polish. This ensures that you receive a comprehensive, accurate price estimate.

Maximize your carpet investment and prolong the life of your carpets with regular maintenance

Those carpets aren't cheap to replace. With regular carpet cleanings, the fibres of your carpet are strengthened and will thus last much longer than if left untreated. Irregular carpet cleaning can temporarily improve the appearance of your carpet, but soil build-up in between cleanings can have damaging effects that are permanent. By letting your LCS Cleaning & Sanitation team take care of your carpet now, you won't have to replace it later!

We work around your schedule, so you'll never have to worry about us getting in your way

Our schedules are tailored to yours, so if you need us there after hours, we'll be there. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we do whatever it takes to ensure that.

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