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Dryer Duct Cleaning

LCS Cleaning & Sanitation services condo and apartment complexes in Calgary, along with any other multi-tenant spaces for your dryer duct cleaning. This professional service provides a complete clean while improving indoor air quality and reducing fire hazards. Local services mean prompt service and expert results for properties within our communities. You might try to clean your dryer, but there are some areas that you just can't get to - like your venting system. Treat your laundry room to a top-notch dryer vent cleaning experience that includes:

  • Camera heat-sensor inspection
  • Service sticker on the machine
  • Air flow verification
  • Powerful 3 motor NIKRO Vacuums
  • Trained and certified technicians

Dryer vent cleaning in Calgary is more important than ever. With shared environments and communal living spaces popping up left and right, even basic maintenance can be tough. The longer that ducts and vents go unchecked, the worse their condition becomes. This means wear and tear on appliances, health threats and even potential fire hazards. Don't let clothes dryers get the best of your multi-unit property, call a Gorilla instead.

Causes & Consequences of Dryer Vent Blockages

Lint traps are designed to trap and hold hair, debris and miscellaneous fluff. These mesh screens try their hardest to prevent lint from slipping through the cracks but they can only go so far! As small items slip through the cracks, they cling to the sides of ducts, coating surfaces. With each load, these layers become thicker, posing more and more problems for property owners.

As clogs and blockages form, they restrict air flow, creating a damp environment inside. It does not take long for mold to grow in this space. As damp and contaminated air is circulated back into your laundry room, it drags down indoor air quality. In addition to silent health risks, dryer lint is a massive fire hazard. The more that laundry facilities are used, the more maintenance that they need. This is why apartment buildings, condo complexes, assisted living centres, hospitals, hotels and even schools opt for routine services to keep their systems running.

Choosing LCS Cleaning & Sanitation for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Calgary

Aiming a vacuum attachment inside is not enough to fully clean your dryer vent. Depending on the set up of your system, there can be plenty of places for clogs to hide out. That is why, instead of going in blindly, LCS Cleaning & Sanitation Techs use camera technology to see into tough spots during your dryer duct cleaning. Once technicians are sure that all debris is removed, surfaces are scrubbed to get rid of any remaining allergens or bits of mold that may have formed. Before and After photos are used to show off results to our clients. Even though dryer vent cleaning in Calgary is necessary, it does not need to be a chore with a bit of help from LCS Cleaning & Sanitation.

  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff. Choosing a professional service over amateur methods is the difference between a superficial clean and long-lasting results. The right tools allow your technician to see inside air ducts in order to spot blockages wherever they might be.
  • Eliminate Health Risks. These untreated areas are hotbeds for mould growth and fire hazards. Dryer lint traps can't grab every piece of debris that passes through your system and can mean increased drying times and even risk of fire. Instead of dealing with the ugly aftermath of clogged vents, call LCS Cleaning & Sanitation for complete cleaning and professional results.
  • Expert Technique. By combining the right tools and techniques, our tech get a full view of the interior of air ducts. With use of speciality tools, blockages are removed and duct surfaces are scrubbed. This removal practice improves air quality and all while helping appliances work their best by removing lint build up.
  • Insurance and Accountability. The LCS Cleaning & Sanitation team is made up of local, responsible members of your community, so having insurance only makes sense! Each team member is covered with complete insurance for both our staff and your property.
  • Safety First. Our specialists are focused on safe practices for your property and our staff. Calling in the pros means eliminating the risk associated with blockages and clogged systems. Professional duct cleaning services allow your dryer to run smoothly, by lightening their load and extending the lifespan of your appliances.