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Multi-Family Properties

As the property manager of a multi-family building, you have a lot to take care of. Cleaning is the last thing you're going to want to do when you're managing the requests of tenants and ensuring that rent comes in on time.

Our customized professional cleaning services will fit into your building budget and fill all your janitorial needs. Whether it's apartment cleaning or condo cleaning, your tenants will appreciate our clean and uniformed appearance, eco-friendly cleaning products, and courteous routine. With LCS Cleaning & Sanitation you'll never get complaints about us being in the way of any residents.

We believe in good old-fashioned service. We'll never manipulate you with discounts to get you through the door only to fall back on our promises—instead, we'll provide you with real affordable options that meet your standards for far longer than the first visit.

Customized Cleaning Services

LCS Cleaning & Sanitation recognizes that no two buildings are alike, and every property manager has different standards for janitorial work. Our professional cleaning services start by making a checklist that covers all your needs!

During our first meeting, we'll do a walkthrough of your building and work together to determine the best methods. We'll make suggestions based on our years of experience and usual routines for multi-family buildings, and you can let us know if you agree or disagree.

Apartment cleaning and condo cleaning involves a lot more than some dusting and mopping. You want to make sure that your tenants know they're living in a great building and want to stay there. By determining your budget and expectations, we'll be able to provide you with an in-depth cleaning estimate that will make your hiring decision simple!

Exterior Services

Multi-family building janitorial work often includes the exterior and interior of the building! For many local buildings we perform tasks such as:

  • Outdoor entryway and stair cleaning
  • Garage sweeping
  • Outdoor window cleaning

By relying on LCS Cleaning & Sanitation for your professional cleaning services, your tenants will feel great entering the building and walking through common areas rather than being desperate to get back to their apartment!

Interior Services

Make your apartment or condo complex look like a palace! We'll dust ledges and baseboards which can get especially dusty in older buildings, disinfect doorknobs, sweep and mop floors, and make common facilities such as laundry rooms and gyms shine.

It's not just important for your building to look great when you're showing it to new tenants, it's important that it looks great all the time. Stay up to code and ensure your residents love where they live.

The Best Building on the Block

Your apartment or condo complex can be that building everyone wants to live in. But it's never going to get there if you don't have professional cleaning services in place.

LCS Cleaning & Sanitation offers high-quality services that are tailored to fit your exact budget and needs. We work on a schedule or can be called for one-off spring cleaning.

Give us a call today if you have more questions or are ready to book our first meeting!