Sanitation & Disinfection Services

Reduce the impact that Cold & Flu outbreaks can have on your business by being pro-active. We all know that employee sick time has a negative effect on your entire business.

LCS offers expert solutions that are ECO friendly, safe, effective and don't cause disruptions to your operations.

You can help to keep your office healthier by simply as placing a hand sanitizer station by the front door. A small sign asking people to sanitize as they enter is simple and practical. Call us today and let us help you find a solution!

Entire office or public space sanitation?

Our ELECTRO STATIC or ULTRA LOW VOLUME (ULV) spray application service is fast, effective, safe and disinfects any nonporous, conductive surface.

Electrostatic disinfection involves spraying a statically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Using a premixed solution catered to your environment. The sprayer then combines it with air and atomized with an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the mist that contains positively charged particles is able to adhere easily to surfaces and objects. Because the particles contained in the mist are charged, they adhere and cover any targeted surface.

This method greatly simplifies the process of disinfecting any irregularly shaped object or hard-to-reach areas, as cleaning personnel only need to direct and spray; the charged mist evenly covers all surfaces, even if it is only sprayed on one side.

This professional, cordless, electrostatic sprayer allows us to disinfect or sanitize 99% of all surfaces. In addition, it is designed to save time and labour, using significantly less liquid, and results in less cost for you.

We can sanitize a 23,000 square foot facility in just a few hours using less than 9 litres of solution.

Perfect for your Gym, medical facility, social venue, retail store or restaurant, public showers and restrooms as well as industrial applications for food manufacturing.


We cater all disinfectant agents to your environment. All products are EPA and Health Canada approved to ensure they do what they’re meant to do.

We are trained to safely use:

  • Vital Oxide (Chlorine Dioxide)
  • Accelerated Hydrogen peroxide (OXIVIR, VIROX, ES 65H)
  • QUATs (quaternary ammonium compounds)

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